Angel Ventlock Window Locks for stylish and sturdy safety for your family!

For most people, keeping their homes secure and safe for their children is a priority.
While double-hung sash windows are a beautiful addition to your home, their practicality can be limited when it comes to fitting window locks.  

We have the solution!

We make your windows look more beautiful while keeping your home safe, secure and child-proof.

Incomparable to other Brands

Angel Ventlock products are ideal for any residential home with timber sash windows.  They are available in a variety of different finishes that are perfect for your windows’ style.  These locks have been tested and certified to Australian standards 5203:2016.  No other window locks can deliver the same quality, aesthetic appeal, and functionality like Angel Ventlock.

Angel Ventlock products are ideal for meeting the new Strata legislation. 

This legislation calls for all timber double hung windows to have lockable safety locks. 

Angel Ventlock System Features

  • Child Safe Window Locks for Timber Sash Windows
  • Restricts Window Opening to 125mm when in Lockable Mode
  • Attractive Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Your Choice of one OR two locks

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